What information do you need to begin researching my property?
We only need you to fill out our brief information form and a representive will get back to you within a few business days.


Why can’t I just sell my land on my own?
You can! However, many property owners find it difficult to understand all the selling costs and closing process, i.e., which costs are assigned to the seller and which are typically paid by buyer.  You can sell land on your own or pay a real estate agent. The market for raw land is specialty market and it can often take years to sell or the sale may be ultimately unsuccessful if not marketed correctly, even by real estate professionals.


Are there expenses to selling my land?
Not with us! There are no listings fees, advertising costs, or other costly hoops to jump through. We make selling land as easy as possible. Best of all, we cover all closing costs and other expenses of selling!


What if there are back taxes on my land?
Selling your land to us requires no money from you whatsoever. We pay back taxes if any are associated with your property.


What if I don’t have a copy of the deed for the property?
No problem! We will prepare a new deed for the purchase of your property and won’t need you to provide a copy of your own. We can usually acquire all the documents we need from the county offices to complete the purchase.


What if the title isn’t clear or if there are other names, liens, or encumbrances on the land?
We run individual title examinations (at our expense) on each property we purchase and can determine if any issues exist. We have years of experience working with complicated title issues and can usually find a solution. We aim to help you through the process and provide the necessary resources to resolve any title issues when they arise.


I have other questions. Can I reach out to you?
Please do! We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. Visit our contact page for more information.


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